Who are we?

NATALI started the summer of 2017. Natali Izagirre, after having lived in the USA for two years and trying to express her thoughts, got together with Ixak Arruti, both from Usurbil, to start this new project. Sharing what they had learnt along the way, they wrote a few songs in different styles. Together, they published the song “Iparrorratzik gabe” on February 2018.

In order to take the project further and make it more complete, they decided to create a band together with Gorka Mendizabal (from Zarautz), Andres Insua (from Patagonia) and Olaia Inziarte (from Oronoz). The explosion of these five universes is NATALI’s essence.

In September 2018, they recorded their first album, called “Garena” (what we are), in Garate Studios, having Kaki Arkarazo as their technician and producer. This first album launched in March 2019 and takes listeners into different music styles while traveling between stories and feelings.

Currently, the band is formed by Natali Izagirre, Ixak Arruti, Andres Insua, Gorka Mendizabal and Oihana Rodriguez, who are working on the second album of the band.